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Itching to Draw!

Picture of Entertainment Caricature
What is Caricature Entertainment?  Caricature Entertainment is when the caricature artist draws on site for your guests or customers.

What type of events use Caricature Entertainment?  It might be easier to answer "What type of events don't use caricature entertainment?".   Caricature Entertainment is great for birthday parties, weddings, business grand openings, conferences,  hot dog feeds, block parties, retirement parties, anniversary celebrations; the list is endless!  Anytime a group of people get together is a great time for Caricature Entertainment!

How many caricatures do you draw per hour?  I have drawn up to 30 profile and body caricatures per hour, but average between 20-25 per hour depending on the different scenes and requests.

Do you travel?  Yes!  I have flown to California several times and driven to locations from Brookings, Oregon, to Blaine, Washington.

How much does it cost?  I charge an hourly rate that varies by the type of event you are planning, where you are located (travel cost does apply), and type of paper stock.  For businesses, I can put the company logo on the paper with the picture (this does affect pricing).

What about the artist's copyrights and ownership?  We maintain limited rights on all caricatures we create.  That means we only require that you get our permission if you plan on reselling your art in some way or plan on using it for commercial purposes.  You may reproduce your caricature of yourself as many times as you like for your own personal use.  Different charges apply for commercial use.  We can also reserve the right to republish your caricature for advertising, promotional or marketing purposes free of charge.

Can I get a caricature done without a "personal appearance"?  Yes!  I can do caricature's from a photo--the bigger the faces are, the better.  Also, it is best to send at least two photos from different angles as well as a full body shot.  Sometimes a person's character is visible in their body language or the way they stand.  If you are scanning them into your computer, scan them at 200% of the size and at 72dpi (dots per inch).  You can save them as a hi-res JPEG which will keep the file size small for e-mailing.  These make great surprise gifts!

What if I can't e-mail them to you?  You can send them in the mail.  However, it takes longer than e-mailing your photos and we do not guarantee their return.  Send them to the address listed on the contact page.


To schedule caricature entertainment or custom work email Vincent Yee at caricatures@vincentyeestudio.com or phone 425-351-7198. 


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